Sour Appletini E-Liquid Juice

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Product Description

Many a young candy aficionado has waxed poetic about what must be the finest flavor ever invented for Blow Pops or Jolly Ranchers: sour apple. Green tinted candies of all kinds with this flavor are among the most coveted for the candy loving set.

However, what happens when sour apple lovers grow up and still crave that classic flavor, but with a touch of adult worldliness? The options are to either shell out for an overpriced Appletini at a trendy bar, or to simply enjoy this terrifically tart, sweet taste for your e-Cigs with this Sour Appletini e-liquid with nicotine.

  • Non-Nicotine
  • 50% PG / 50% VG
  • PG is from USA
  • VG is from Malaysia


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