Pink Lemonade E-Liquid Juice

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Product Description

There is no mystery behind lemonade: it is just lemon juice, sugar, water and deliciousness. However, when it comes to the even more delicious pink lemonade, there is a bit of a quandary: where does the pink color come from? When some makers of pink lemonade use cranberry juice or food dye to accomplish the effect, real pink lemonade is made from real, honest to goodness pink lemons known as Eureka lemons.

This fruit produces a flavor that is sweeter and tangier than traditional, yellow lemons, lending itself especially well to lemonade. Pink Lemonade e-Liquid takes that classic pink lemonade taste and distills it perfectly for your vaping pleasure.

  • Non-Nicotine
  • 50% PG / 50% VG
  • PG is from USA
  • VG is from Malaysia


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