Big Melons E-Liquid Juice

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Product Description

Sure, the watermelon tends to get the lion’s share of attention in the melon world. However, as delicious as watermelon, and watermelon flavor, tends to be, it is not even technically a melon – and there are other melons out there which may not be quite as famous, but are more than deserving of liquid vape flavors.

For one, there is the muskmelon known as the cantaloupe, with an unmistakably sweet yet mellow flavor. Of course, there is also the equally sweet yet distinctly cooler honeydew melon. If you have trouble choosing between these two, the Big Melons flavor combines the best flavor elements of both in one uniquely delicious vapor product for hookah pens.

  • Non-Nicotine
  • 50% PG / 50% VG
  • PG is from USA
  • VG is from Malaysia


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