10 Ways Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Improve Your Health

10 Ways Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Improve Your Health 0

CBD Vape oil AdditiveCannabidiol (CBD) is a key component of carefully-cultivated European Industrial Hemp plants and has largely been indicated by over 15,000 medical publications as responsible for many health benefits. Despite its potentially beneficial properties, many who turn to cannabis are unaware of this legally attainable resource for potential relief from health issues they possess.

Because CBD is safe and cannabinoids are a naturally occurring substance in your body, trying the plant derivative for yourself may help you in the following ways:

Slowing of Bacterial Growth

CBD is antibacterial and seems to help people with gum disease, heart disease and intestinal problems related to bacterial imbalance.

Just Say No to “Dry Puffing”

Just Say No to “Dry Puffing” 0

FormaldehydeRumor has it, traditional tobacco cigarettes have a negative impact on your health. In fact, it has been determined tobacco cigarettes contain a number of harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde. Ah, formaldehyde. You remember formaldehyde? The main component used in embalming solutions. Yes, with every tobacco infused puff of a nicotine cigarette your body fills with formaldehyde. For this, and many other reasons, many have turned to electronic cigarettes; however, recently accusations have arisen against electronic cigarettes indicating they too produce formaldehyde vapor. To this accusation, we put the record straight.

A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine is the considered source of the controversy. This article explains that formaldehyde can be ingested using an electronic cigarette, and could be more dangerous than a tobacco cigarette as the formaldehyde is in a gaseous state when ingested using the e-cigarette. While this article has sound data, the researchers neglected to take into account various variables including vaping habits as well as “dry puffing.”

What does it mean to “dry puff?” A dry puff, or dry hit, is when the atomizer heats up and doesn’t have liquid to vaporize. The result is a terrible taste in your mouth, coughing, and even e-liquid in your mouth. Suffice it to say, if you dry puff, you know it.

FDA Considers Setting Product Standards on Vaping Products in Unprecedented Decision

FDA Considers Setting Product Standards on Vaping Products in Unprecedented Decision 0

Washington, D.C. – The FDA has formally announced its intention to publish an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule-making (or ANPRM for short) regarding vapor products. This will be the first time the FDA has announced intentions to set product standards for such products. The American Vaping Association, which is an advocacy group that speaks on […]
How to Fly With an E-Cig: TSA Guidelines

How to Fly With an E-Cig: TSA Guidelines 0

If you’re like many American smokers, you’ve probably switched from traditional cigarettes to vaping with an e-cig. You also probably don’t know much about TSA rules regarding e-cigs– which is no wonder because, shockingly, there are none. So if you’re looking to fly with your e-cig and e-liquid, how do you figure out what is […]
UNFILTERED HEALING: Cannabidiol Oil Offers Healing Without An Ill-Feeling

UNFILTERED HEALING: Cannabidiol Oil Offers Healing Without An Ill-Feeling 0

Cannabidiol (more commonly, CBD) has all the potential needed to propel America’s acceptance of medicinal cannabis dramatically forward. One obstacle anchors it farther from mainstream embrace than it deserves to be: misconception. Of the at least 85 active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis, non-psychoactive CBD accounts for a bit less than half of its extract. […]
I Love Donuts! - A look inside Mad Hatter Juice's first premium e-liquid

I Love Donuts! - A look inside Mad Hatter Juice's first premium e-liquid 0

Are you having one of those mornings? The kind of morning when you're craving donuts? Maybe donuts aren't included in your diet? I suggest that you try Mad Hatter Juice, premium e-liquid I love donuts! All the flavor you love from your local donut shop, without any of the fat! Your waist-line is safe with gourmet e-liquid flavors like fresh blueberries, glazed cake, powder, jelly and sprinkled donuts.

Are you ever plagued with that almost instant, pestering urge for your favorite cigarette after every meal? Like clockwork, you eat, then head outside to grab a few drags? Now you can have your meal and enjoy your desert and smoke, all combined! You needn't leave the table and your loved ones to partake in a sinfully delicious "I Love Donuts" e-cig. This time after desert you can feel the satisfaction you deserve, without the pestering urge to smoke.

Mad Hatter juice has brought us "I Love Donuts" so that we can finally enjoy our vape all day, every day. With all strengths available like 0mg glazed, 3mg powder, 6mg sprinkled and 12mg jelly! If that's not enough, Mad Hatter Juice also offers free shipping when ordered from any Mad Hatter Juice web site.

As a seasoned smoker, I use to smoke over a pack every day. I was first interested in the idea of vapor cigarettes because of the harm carcinogens do to the lungs. So I went to the store and I was looking at the vaporizer and all the available liquid nicotine refills. I must admit that I was pretty amazed at all the different flavors. What really excited me was the variety of desert flavors! I not only have the urge to smoke cigarettes, I also have quite the sweet tooth. With Mad Hatter juices gourmet e-liquid flavors, I can now satisfy both loves. The blueberry donut flavor is out of this world! Now, any time I'm really needing a nicotine fix, I go with the jelly and am continuously surprised how flavorful it is, especially with the strengths available! When flavor is really all I need, I enjoy glazed donut. For every day use, I reach for a sprinkle donut and blueberry!

You have now read my opinion. If you enjoy sweet treats as much as I do, the only thing you have left to do is to try them!

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