What do scientists think about vaping? – Riccardo Polosa at Vapexpo 2016, Paris


The Vapexpo 2016 event in Paris hosted a debate with four well-known figures who addressed the scientific actuality of vaping. In this third and last part, Riccardo Polosa starts with questions: “Is the e-cigarette good for me, does it have any impact on my health?" – This talk is for those asking these questions.

Jacques Le Houezec, Konstantinos Farsalinos, Jean-François Etter and Riccardo Polosa were on stage at Vapexpo 2016 to highlight current trends in e-cigarette research.

“Is the e-cigarette good for me, does it have any impact on my health?” – This talk is for those asking these questions.

E-Cigarettes switching: Evidence for positive health effects

“We need to stop talking about risk, it’s all about benefits. “Riccardo Polosa

Riccardo Polosa starts by acknowledging his staff for the last three or four years, that he qualifies “a dedicated team of people who believed it was time to talk about benefits“.

Against all beliefs, The safety of long term EC use is a legitimate question and can be answered. The researcher does not paint this oppressive picture others are doing with the e-cigarette. He does not exclude that the risks exist because of some harmful or potentially harmful molecules contained in the aerosol but the risk also exists with any other products we drink or eat.

The question can be answered:

  • by large prospective studies of well-characterized EC users (impractical, costly),
  • or, alternatively, by extrapolating responses to e-vapour in vitro cell lines and/or in animal models (does not directly apply to real-life situation)

By well-characterized, the researcher explains that as ex-smokers, the panel that is chosen to carry out prospective studies, already have a damage in their body that is sometimes not stopping after they quit smoking but is only slowed down while progressing. Quitting smoking does not exclude the occurence a heart attack which is not due to smoking cessation but to smoking. Prospective studies are expensive to conduct and most of the studies carried out in vitro are irrelevant to the daily condition of a vaper.


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