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Reasons Why Smokers Turn to E-Cigarettes

Reasons Why Smokers Turn to E-Cigarettes 0

The e-cigarette market ballooned to more than $3 billion dollars in profits. It would seem that more and more traditional smokers are turning to vapor devices in an effort to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and to also try something new. There are many different reasons why “vaping” has become so popular.

Vaporizer Pen with Small Cloud

Technological Advancements

Technology continues evolving daily and involves almost every aspect of human existence. It was only a matter of time that someone would invent the means to smoke electronically. The simple technology involved in making e-cigarettes and the e-juices or aerosol liquids enable former tobacco smokers the leisure of getting nicotine in a modern and much cleaner method.

Cost-Effective Vaping Devices

Compared to conventional cigarettes and tobacco products in general, the tools needed for vaping come at a fraction of the cost. While the price of tobacco continually rises, smokers literally save thousands of dollars annually by converting to electronic smoking. Additionally, the savings become immediate once a smoker makes the conversion.

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Vaping and Nicotine – What Every Vape User Should Know

Vaping and Nicotine – What Every Vape User Should Know 0

E-cigarettes have taken the world by storm over the past few years because of their convenience and because of some purported health benefits compared to normal smoking. However, vaping devices have been getting a bad rap lately from politicians and regulators who still don’t entirely understand vape products itself and how it effects ones health. Researchers […]
Congress Moves to Safeguard Vaping Industry From Crippling FDA Ban

Congress Moves to Safeguard Vaping Industry From Crippling FDA Ban 0

The government’s House Appropriations Subcommittee on Rural Development, Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies is being lauded by the American Vaping Association for its decision to approve a spending bill that protects the vaping industry from FDA-imposed regulations that would have rendered the sale of most vapor products illegal. The American Vaping […]
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Top 7 Questions About E-Cigarettes

Top 7 Questions About E-Cigarettes 0

Many people have heard about e-cigarettes but still have questions about them. The following are some of the most popular questions about e-cigarettes and the equipment needed to smoke them. 1. How Does the E-smoking Experience Compare to Traditional Smoking? There are both similarities and differences between smoking e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes. The physical motion […]
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The Relationship Between Health Insurance Costs And Vaping

The Relationship Between Health Insurance Costs And Vaping 0

While many vapers enthusiastically support e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers as a way to enjoy a new kind of smoke, the scientific and medical community is a long way from making up its mind on the matter. Health insurance providers are caught in a dreadfully uncertain position when it comes to setting premiums for insuring vapers. Until […]
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My E-Cig is Leaking; What Now? 0

E-cigs offer numerous benefits over traditional cigarettes. They don’t have the distinctive odor associated with cigarettes, they are cost-effective and they lack many of the hazardous chemicals found in their traditional counterpart. For these reasons and more, many are making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs. However, as with most new things, it can take […]
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