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E-Cigarettes in Manteca

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E-Cigarettes in Manteca Years ago the E-Cigarette established itself as a serious top shelf contender at convenient stores across larger cities all over California and other states. Today however the e-cigarette industry is booming with over billions of dollars in sales over and you can find these great products in even smaller cities like Manteca. NEwhere E-Cigarettes is a […]
Pina Colada E-Hookah

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Pina Colada E-Hookah NEwhere Premium Vapor Products is proud to announce that a brand new flavor us arriving soon to the ZERO NICOTINE E-Hookah line-up: the Pina Colada E-Hookah! The premium built pina colada hookah pen has a summery burst of pineapples and a cool breeze of coconuts taking you back to your found tropical […]
Electronic Shisha

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Electronic Shisha NEwhere Premium Vapor Products Electronic Shisha line have become a great hit among vape enthusiasts ever since its launch in 2013. Event hough regulations prohibit Hookah Pens or rather E-Hookahs and E-Cigarettes to be titled smoking cessation products, more tobacco smokers are finding these innovative devices to aid them in their struggle to kick the habit. NEwhere’s Hookah Pens come in […]

Vape Pens in San Francisco 0

Vape Pens in San Francisco NEwhere Premium Vapor Products is excited to announce that our Premium Vape Pens are available across the Bay Are including the great city of San Francisco. If you work nearby or live in the bay area or any other surrounding cities such as Oakland, San Leandro or San Jose, you won’t have […]
Zero Nicotine Electronic Hookah

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Zero Nicotine Electronic Hookah Not too long ago NEwhere introduced the all new Zero Nicotine Electronic Hookah line-up. Event hough Hookah Pens or rather E-Hookahs and E-Cigarettes are not smoking cessation products, more tobacco smokers are finding these innovative devices to aid them in their path to total freedom. NEwhere’s Electronic Hookahs come in 8 unique flavors that all contain zero nicotine, making these e-hookahs […]
E-Cigarettes in Monterey

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E-Cigarettes in Monterey You can now find NEwhere E-Cigarettes in Monterey. Finding E-Cigarettes on store counters of convenient stores and gas stations is not an uncommon sight anymore. What started out as what many thought was a trend in some of the large cities, e-cigarettes are now spread throughout the country and the great state of […]