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First E-Cigarette TV Commercial 0

First E-Cigarette TV Commercial The First E-Cigarette TV Commercial is to be shown in the UK, the BBC reported. The British Broadcasting Channel reported earlier today on their website that ‘while e-cigarette tv commercials have been on TV for some time, showing the device itself was banned until a change in advertising rules which came […]

New Hookah Pen Flavors 0

New Hookah Pen Flavors Have you met the new Trio? NEwhere’s New Hookah Pen Flavors have arrived, meet: Big Melons, Pink Lemonade, and Pina Colada! These colorful bursts of fun and juicy flavors are available at your local NEwhere authorized retailer (find a store) or to order from the comfort of your computer at the […]

Pina Colada E-Hookah 0

Pina Colada E-Hookah NEwhere Premium Vapor Products is proud to announce that a brand new flavor us arriving soon to the ZERO NICOTINE E-Hookah line-up: the Pina Colada E-Hookah! The premium built pina colada hookah pen has a summery burst of pineapples and a cool breeze of coconuts taking you back to your found tropical […]

Electronic Shisha 0

Electronic Shisha NEwhere Premium Vapor Products Electronic Shisha line have become a great hit among vape enthusiasts ever since its launch in 2013. Event hough regulations prohibit Hookah Pens or rather E-Hookahs and E-Cigarettes to be titled smoking cessation products, more tobacco smokers are finding these innovative devices to aid them in their struggle to kick the habit. NEwhere’s Hookah Pens come in […]

Sour Apple Vape 0

Sour Apple Vape NEwhere Premium Vapor Products have several different lines of premium vapor products. One of these is the ZERO nicotine E-Hookah line with 8 unique flavors. Each flavor is unique and characteristic of NEwhere’s bold sprit in standing out and being unlike any other vape experience. One of these flavors is the Sour […]

Grape E-Cigarette 0

Grape E-Cigarette If you like grapes then you are going to LOVE the Grape E-Cigarettes from NEwhere! These premium vapor products are available in convenient stores like 7-Eleven or Gas Stations. Right now the NEwhere Grape E-Cigarette is one of the best selling E-Cigarettes in the NEwhere product line-up. The E-Juice also referred to as the E-Liquid is produced with only the […]

Non-chargeable Hookah Pens 0

Non-chargeable Hookah Pens The Premium Non-rechargeable Hookah Pens from NEwhere are amazing premium vapor products that are available in local authorized retailers and online as well. At NEwhere we only utilize the best ingredients to make up our ZERO nicotine e-juice for our e-hookahs. Due to the wide range of unique flavors and the premium quality, NEwhere’s Non-rechargeable […]

Sour Apple E-Cigarette 0

Sour Apple E-Cigarette E-Cigarettes come in a wide variety of flavors these days but to find a Sour Apple E-Cigarette can be trickier than expected. NEwhere now offers unique sour apple flavored vapor device sure to please any e-cigarette or e-hookah enthusiast. The NEwhere Sour Appletini E-Hookah is one of the latest arrivals among NEwhere’s […]

Electronic Cigar 0

Electronic Cigar Many have by now encountered e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) one way or another. These relatively new innovations are vapor producing products that may or may not contain nicotine and are often offered in a variety of flavors. There’s a flavor for everyone; whether you prefer the sweet flavors of watermelon, the tropical twist of […]

New Hookah Flavored E-Cigars 0

New Hookah Flavored E-Cigars Yahoo Finance recently reported on an NEwhere Press Release about the recent unveiling and launch of the BOSS E-Cigar. Whether you prefer a juicy Watermelon flavor or sweet sensational Pineapple Orange, rest assure you will not be disappointed by the quality and vapor production. Smoking the NEwhere BOSS E-Cigar is an […]