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E-Hookahs in Union City

E-Hookahs in Union City 0

E-Hookahs in Union City NEwhere Premium Vapor Products is excited to announce that our Premium Electronic Cigarettes are available in across the Bay Area. If you work nearby or live in the Union City area or any other surrounding cities such as Hayward or Fremont, you won’t have to drive far to get premium E-Hookahs anymore. The NEwhere […]

Electronic Cigarettes in Orinda 0

Electronic Cigarettes in Orinda NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes has made its way to Northern California and the Bay Area specifically. No where is NEwhere’s unprecedented growth more evident than in Northern California and specifically in cities such as Orinda, San Ramon and Concord. NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes are available in Orinda and surrounding areas ranging from convenient stores to gas […]
Electronic Cigarettes vs Regular Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes vs Regular Cigarettes 0

Electronic Cigarettes vs Regular Cigarettes According to a recent CNN article, the Financial Times reported that sales of e-cigarettes continue to soar. The article states that Electronic cigarette makers have become increasingly aggressive in their advertising in the US, with one company even proclaiming that “Big Tobacco” has met its match. The repot from Financial […]
Disposable E-Cigarettes

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Disposable E-Cigarettes Disposable E-Cigarettes from NEWHERE are quality electronic cigarettes that last over 550 puffs or over 2.5 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. By combining the best ingredients available in the e-juice with quality components that have been tested to strict standards, NEWHERE’s Disposable E-Cigarettes have grown to become a favorite among vaping enthusiasts. To […]
E-Cigs in California

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E-Cigs in California NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes is not only the best manufacturer of premium E-Cigs in California but in the whole nation as well. The exponential rate at which the company is growing is just one indicator to the level of quality and thought that goes into each NEWHERE E-Cig. NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes offer three […]
What Do E-Cigs Contain

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What Do E-Cigs Contain When a new innovation is introduced to consumers and when that innovation sweeps the industry in just a matter of years, many become concerned and rightfully so. Both consumers as well as regulators ask the question: “What Do E-Cigs Contain?”. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that contain hundreds of additives that produce a […]