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Chocolate Flavored Cigarettes If you’re looking for Chocolate Flavored Cigarettes you have struck luck. At NEwhere we manufacture premium vapor devices such as Electronic Hookahs and Electronic Cigarettes. Among our line-up of E-Hookahs you can find our premium Chocolate Chill E-Hookah: a ZERO nicotine vapor device with tasty chocolate flavor that’s been infused with the […]

Electronic Cigarette Review 0

Electronic Cigarette Review A new Electronic Cigarette Review on NEWHERE E-Cigarettes is now available online. RealVapeReview is a popular youtube account that has thousands of subscribers and countless video reviews of non-rechargeable (disposable) electronic cigarettes as well as rechargeable e-cigarettes. RealVapeReview tested and reviewed several different NEWHERE flavors including Classic Tobacco, Refreshing Menthol as well […]

E-Cigarette Flavors 0

E-Cigarette Flavors E-Cigarette Flavors are plenty and to find the perfect taste and flavor fit for you can be easier said than done. Available from NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes are several popular quality choices that you can not go wrong with. NEWHERE E-Cigarettes offers the Premium choice for any vaping enthusiast. By using only the purest and […]

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Minty Electronic Cigarette The Minty Electronic Cigarette officially known as the Menthol flavor is one of many reasons why NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes is widely known to offer a selection of distinct set of quality electronic cigarettes. These E-Cigarettes feature as distinct flavors such as the Refreshing and Minty Menthol E-Cigarette showcased below. This Minty Electronic Cigarette features a cool […]

Flavored Electronic Cigarettes 0

Flavored Electronic Cigarettes Flavored Electronic Cigarettes from NEWHERE have quickly become vaping enthusiasts number one choice. NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes makes sure that only the highest quality ingredients are used in the e-Juice (e-liquid) found in their Electronic Cigarettes. To try one of several flavors offered by NEWHERE Electronic Cigarette such as Refreshing Menthol or the […]

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Menthol E-Cigarettes Finding a good brand of e-cigarettes that offers quality and value is difficult enough in the somewhat over-saturated e-cigarette market. Never mind attempting to find flavored e-cigarettes that truly represent and taste like the flavor indicated on the package. Some are too harsch and some too subtle while others really don’t taste anything […]