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E-Cigarette Market Size recently published an article on the US E-Cigarette Market Size and how this year it will double to surpass $1 billion in sales. Even more promising is the projection for next year where despite impending regulations, analyst suggest it’ll grow even faster. RPT-Fitch, a ratings company is claiming that consumption is expected […]
E-Cigarettes are changing the Tobacco Industry

E-Cigarettes are changing the Tobacco Industry 0

E-Cigarettes are changing the Tobacco Industry The WEEK reports that E-Cigarettes are changing the Tobacco Industry as Big Tobacco is going into the e-cig business after losing market share. Sales in cigarettes dropped 6.2 percent in the first quarter of 2012 — a jump from the 3 percent to 4 percent declines they’ve seen in […]
Future of Electronic Cigarettes

Future of Electronic Cigarettes 0

Future of Electronic Cigarettes The Future of Electronic Cigarettes is becoming more clear based on the industry development. Forbes recently reported that market share of Electronic Cigarettes are about to “explode”. This prediction is based on the facts that onlu in 2011 the industry generated close to half a billion dollars (4500 million) and that […]
Electronic Cigarettes in Simi Valley

Electronic Cigarettes in Simi Valley 0

Electronic Cigarettes in Simi Valley Finding Premium Electronic Cigarettes that are as smooth and good tasting as they are long lasting can be a daunting task. Especially when you walk into a convenient store or super market only to find tons of different brands and options. Although if you are in the Simi Valley area […]
Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

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Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes made a big entrance to the market when it was first introduced. Ever since its introduction NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes are popping up everywhere as its users are growing exponentially. Having been voted the #1 Best Tasting E-Cigarette, NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes has fast become the Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette out in […]
E-Cigs Growing in Popularity

E-Cigs Growing in Popularity 0

E-Cigs Growing in Popularity Electronic Cigarettes also known as E-Cigs or E-Cigarettes are a growing trend that’s here to stay. Sales and demand are going up everywhere from retail stores to online sites. Over 2.5 million Americans are vaping e-cigs (not smoking) today and that number is predicted to grow exponentially. By vaping, nicotine is […]