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4th of July Vape 0

4th of July Vape Happy 4th of July to all Vape Enthusiasts and all Americans in celebration of Independence day! We celebrate in different ways, some host BBQs, others host parties while many travel over the long weekend. However and wherever you choose to celebrate this 4th of July make sure it’s memorable. At NEwhere […]

NEwhere Premium Vapor Products Nationwide 0

NEwhere Premium Vapor Products Nationwide A recognized leader in innovation and style in the electronic cigarette industry, NEwhere Premium Vapor Products announces the closing of a financing agreement that will provide up to $4.7 Million to fund their rapid national expansion. LOS ANGELES – NEwhere Premium Vapor Products, a marketer and distributor of E-Cigarettes, E-Hookahs, […]

E-Cigars in LA 0

E-Cigars in LA NEwhere Premium Vapor Products have grown rapidly to become a major player on the vaping arena. No where is this more evident that in Southern California and specifically the Los Angeles area. NEwhere’s E-Cigars are available in LA and surrounding areas ranging from convenient stores such as 7-Eleven to gas stations such […]

Should San Francisco Ban E-Cigarettes? 0

Should San Francisco Ban E-Cigarettes? A recent editorial piece published by the San Francisco Chronicles online service advised the public to extreme precaution before following other major cities such as New York and Chicago to ban e-cigarettes. The article touches on the interesting point that instead of having to prove that vapor products such as […]

E-Cigarettes at Chevron 0

E-Cigarettes at Chevron NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes is proud to that its premium e-cigarettes can be found at Chevron gas stations all around California. NEwhere’s E-Cigarettes at Chevron became a sensation during 2013 with promising sales and interest from consumers. Chevron is a multinational energy company  with its headquarters here in San Ramon, California and with […]

E-Hookahs in LA 0

E-Hookahs in LA NEwhere is manufacturer of premium e-hookahs and e-cigarettes and in the last year we  have grown rapidly to fast become a major player on the electronic hookah and electronic cigarette industry. No where is this growth more evident that in Southern California and specifically the greater Los Angeles area. NEwhere’s premium vapor […]

Melon E-Cigarette 0

Melon E-Cigarette Whether you prefer Melon E-Cigarettes or any other tasty flavor, make sure to experience the refreshing burst of NEWHERE’s Wild Watermelon E-Cigarette. Available in convenient stores like 7-Eleven or Gas Stations like Shell and Chevron, the NEWHERE Wild Watermelon E-Cigarette is one of the most successful hits in the NEWHERE line-up. The E-Juice […]

E-Cigarettes in Perris 0

E-Cigarettes in Perris Finding premium E-Cigarettes in Perris is now easier than ever. Premium Electronic Cigarettes that truly reflect quality in both make and flavor is a rare find, but now you can finally get your hands on such an e-cigarette from the fastest growing Electronic Cigarette Brand. Today you can finally find premium E-Cigarettes in Perris from NEWHERE Electronic […]

Best Electronic Cigarettes 0

Best Electronic Cigarettes The Best Electronic Cigarettes are arguably from NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes considering the continuos exponential growth this brand has experienced. NEWHERE offers quality electronic cigarettes that last over 500 puffs or over 2 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. The secret to NEWHERE’s success is simply the oldest recipe for success when offering a consumer product: […]

New E-Cigarette Flavor 0

New E-Cigarette Flavor NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes is proud to announce a Brand New E-Cigarette Flavor. The Grape Gusher is the latest addition to a line-up of successful and popular e-cigarettes in NEWHERE’s expanding arsenal. The Grape Gusher has been carefully formulated through a series of surveys and focus groups to find a unique flavor that […]