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Are Electronic Cigarettes Less Damaging? 0

Are Electronic Cigarettes Less Damaging? Are Electronic Cigarettes Less Damaging? A recent Forbes editorial sheds light on the topic of whether they are less damaging or not. The article explains the doubling in market share annually and how electronic cigarettes are really taking off. The article further explains that electronic cigarettes where introduced to the […]

Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous? 0

Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous? It’s no secret that the Electronic Cigarette is a new innovation and that many questions arise among consumers, such as: “Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous?“. Although many questions still remain to be answered through further studies, initial results often suggest one thing; that Electronic Cigarettes contain far less harmful chemicals than regular […]

The Best Premium E-Cig 0

The Best Premium E-Cig Offering The Best Premium E-Cig is not an easy accomplishment. Becoming the trendsetter in any industry is in fact a daunting task. NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes uses only the latest technology, the best components as well as the highest grade ingredients to achieve its Premium E-Cigs. The “e-liquid” or “juice” as its […]