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Celebrity E-Cigarette Users 0

Celebrity E-Cigarette Users The online payment/credit card processing website eMerchantBroker recently unveiled a new infoGraphic highlighting Celebrity E-Cigarette Users. This creative and beautiful info graphic highlights Hollywood stars and celebrities that are current tobacco cigarette smokers and have not yet been able to kick the habit. In an attempt to remind us all of the […]

Scientific Research on Electronic Cigarettes 0

Scientific Research on Electronic Cigarettes According to a recent and very interesting article on Scientific Research on Electronic Cigarettes from the Scientific American, nearly 70 percent of smokers want to quit, but despite the deadly consequences and the fact that many implement treatments, the vast majority of them fail. A reason for the limited success […]

What Do E-Cigs Contain 0

What Do E-Cigs Contain When a new innovation is introduced to consumers and when that innovation sweeps the industry in just a matter of years, many become concerned and rightfully so. Both consumers as well as regulators ask the question: “What Do E-Cigs Contain?”. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that contain hundreds of additives that produce a […]

Cigarettes vs E-Cigs 0

Cigarettes vs E-Cigs Traditional tobacco cigarettes have hundreds have additives that are in no shape or form naturally occurring in tobacco leafs. Despite what many tobacco giants might claim, these additives are utilized to get a firmer grip of the smoker. The most shocking part of these additives is that once the cigarette burns or rather once the additives […]

Are E-Cigs Safe? 0

Are E-Cigs Safe? Many ask the question if electronic cigarettes safe. E-cigs as they are also popularly referred to as have many proven health benefits over traditional tobacco cigarettes with thousands of harmful chemicals. Although, in an open free market one of the best ways to know if a consumer product is accepted and “working” […]

Why E-Cigarettes are The Better Choice 0

Why E-Cigarettes are The Better Choice There are many reasons why millions of people have switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The two most important factors for this are health benefits as well as financial benefits. Although something many consumers don’t know is that e-cigarettes are also the more environmentally friendlier choice.  According to a […]