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E-Cigarette Health Concerns 0

E-Cigarette Health Concerns A recent article from the Oklahoma Watchdog highlights a recent paper on E-Cigarette Health Concerns from the R Street Institute, a national research association. The paper highlights the recent study that strongly defends e-cigarettes in light of the countless political attacks and lobbying in recent months against electronic cigarettes and vapor devices. […]

Zero Nicotine Hookah Pen 0

Zero Nicotine Hookah Pen NEWHERE is introducing all new Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens this month. Event hough regulations prohibit Hookah Pens or rather E-Hookahs and E-Cigarettes to be titled smoking cessation products, more tobacco smokers are finding these innovative devices to aid them in their path to total freedom. NEWHERE’s Hookah Pens come in 8 […]

What is an E-Hookah? 0

What is an E-Hookah? If you have started asking yourself “What is an E-Hookah” due to the emergence of these devices, make sure to read further. In the past few years most consumers have more than likely started noticing electronic cigarettes, or rather e-cigarettes in more and more retail locations. This innovative new product has […]

Are E-Cigarettes FDA Approved 0

Are E-Cigarettes FDA Approved The question arises time after time when people are exposed to the benefits of this novel product: Are E-Cigarettes FDA Approved? It’s a very valid question with the simple answer of “No”, not at the time being. Although the reasons as why it is not FDA approved are not as black […]

Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking? 0

Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking? One of the first questions tobacco smokers ask about electronic cigarettes is: “Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?“. This is a very valid question considering the fairly new innovation that the e-cigarette is. Although because e-cigarettes are NOT regulated by the United States FDA, they can not be classified as smoking […]

E-Cigarettes Safer than Tobacco Cigarettes? 0

E-Cigarettes Safer than Tobacco Cigarettes? Are E-Cigarettes Safer than Tobacco Cigarettes? Depending on who you ask you might get contradicting answers. According to a recent article in the “Columbian”, some public health officials argue the long-term effects of the unregulated products are unknown and require more research. “It’s probably a lesser amount of the toxic substances, […]

Electronic Cigarettes 101 0

Electronic Cigarettes 101 If you want a crash course in e-cigarettes or rather a “Electronic Cigarettes 101” class then you have come to the right place. Electronic Cigarettes were invented in China by a pharmacist in early 2000. The anatomy of the electronic cigarette is as such that it contains three essential components: A plastic […]

Taxing E-Cigarettes 0

Taxing E-Cigarettes The following is an editorial from the Standard Examiner ( touching the sensitive topic of taxing e-cigarettes; Editor, I have never smoked a cigarette or anything similar, but I do not condemn or condone those who do. I have a son who now uses e-cigarettes instead of smoking, and I am very grateful […]

Do e-cigs Have Second Hand Smoke? 0

Do e-cigs Have Second Hand Smoke? It is no secret that second hand smoke from cigarettes is a harmful and present problem. This single factor is in fact the main driving force behing a massive legislative trend in banning cigarette smoking in public places nationwide. Some cities have even gone as far as banning cigarette […]