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What Goes Into an e-Liquid 0

Premium E-Liquids 101

There is a wide variety of different types of e-liquids that you will come across. These e-liquids will vary in different flavors and strengths. In this article, we will talk about what goes into an e-liquid.

E-Liquid Main Ingredients

The main ingredients of any e-liquid include nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavors. Each of these ingredients can be adjusted to suite your specific preferences. Below, we will explain each of these ingredients in more detail so that you know what’s in your e-liquid.

UNFILTERED HEALING: Cannabidiol Oil Offers Healing Without An Ill-Feeling 0

Cannabidiol (more commonly, CBD) has all the potential needed to propel America’s acceptance of medicinal cannabis dramatically forward. One obstacle anchors it farther from mainstream embrace than it deserves to be: misconception. Of the at least 85 active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis, non-psychoactive CBD accounts for a bit less than half of its extract. […]

I Love Donuts! – A look inside Mad Hatter Juice’s first premium e-liquid 0

Are you having one of those mornings? The kind of morning when you’re craving donuts? Maybe donuts aren’t included in your diet? I suggest that you try Mad Hatter Juice, premium e-liquid I love donuts! All the flavor you love from your local donut shop, without any of the fat! Your waist-line is safe with […]

Find The Right Nicotine Strength With Vaping 0

When switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to an e-cigarette or vaping it is important to consider what nicotine strength is appropriate. The right nicotine strength is determined by the amount of nicotine you are accustomed to from regular smoking. NEwhere has guidance for your selection. Selecting A Nicotine Level Most NEwhere e-liquids are 15ml bottles […]

The Inflated Dangers of Vaping Liquid Go Up in Smoke 0

As an increasing number of people turn to vaping rather than traditional smoking, and the media is turning its sensationalist eye on the potential dangers of vaping. Is vaping really dangerous? How dangerous is it? Understanding the facts about vaping will allow you to make an informed decision that is best for your own health. […]

How to Pick an E-Liquid Juice 0

An e-cigarette is only as good as the liquid inside of it. The e-liquid you use can make the difference between a satisfying vaping experience and a disappointing one. Choosing a flavor of liquid is the fun part, but it’s also important to consider some other factors to get the best e-liquid for your personal […]