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Grape E-Juice NEwhere Premium Vapor Products has long offered its popular disposable E-cigarettes and E-Hookahs through its online shop as well as local authorized retailers across the country. These products are manufactured with the highest levels of standard using only the best components. The same holds true regarding the ingredients used for the e-juice found […]

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Grape E-Cigarette If you like grapes then you are going to LOVE the Grape E-Cigarettes from NEwhere! These premium vapor products are available in convenient stores like 7-Eleven or Gas Stations. Right now the NEwhere Grape E-Cigarette is one of the best selling E-Cigarettes in the NEwhere product line-up. The E-Juice also referred to as the E-Liquid is produced with only the […]

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Non-chargeable Hookah Pens The Premium Non-rechargeable Hookah Pens from NEwhere are amazing premium vapor products that are available in local authorized retailers and online as well. At NEwhere we only utilize the best ingredients to make up our ZERO nicotine e-juice for our e-hookahs. Due to the wide range of unique flavors and the premium quality, NEwhere’s Non-rechargeable […]

E-Hookah in the Bay Area 0

E-Hookah in the Bay Area Vapor producing devices such as e-hookahs and e-cigarettes were long considered a temporary fad just how energy drinks were never considered to become permanent. Although just like pioneering brands like RedBull and Monster made their mark, the e-hookah and  e-cigarette industry is now considered a force to be reckoned with […]

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Non-chargeable E-Cigarettes The Premium Non-rechargeable E-Cigarettes from NEwhere are quality vapor devices that last over 500 puffs or over 2 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. At NEwhere we only utilize the best ingredients available to make up our e-juice in addition to only using quality components in the device itself. Due to the wide range of unique […]

What is an E-Hookah? 0

What is an E-Hookah? If you have started asking yourself “What is an E-Hookah” due to the emergence of these devices, make sure to read further. In the past few years most consumers have more than likely started noticing electronic cigarettes, or rather e-cigarettes in more and more retail locations. This innovative new product has […]

E-Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation 0

E-Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation The respectable financial media outlet Bloomberg recently touched on the topic of whether consumer can use E-Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation. The CEO of a E-Cigarette company is the guest of the show voicing the words of the industry. Watch the episode below on whether tobacco cigarette smokers can use E-Cigarettes for […]

Electronic Cigarettes 101 0

Electronic Cigarettes 101 If you want a crash course in e-cigarettes or rather a “Electronic Cigarettes 101” class then you have come to the right place. Electronic Cigarettes were invented in China by a pharmacist in early 2000. The anatomy of the electronic cigarette is as such that it contains three essential components: A plastic […]

Is Vaping Safe? 0

Is Vaping Safe? Is Vaping Safe? That’s a question more and more consumers ask as the popularity of electronic cigarettes are on the rise. The use of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes as they are also known as is referred to “vaping”. Unlike smoking when classic tobacco cigarettes are consumed, electronic cigarettes heat up an e-liquid […]

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Premium Electronic Cigarettes NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes offer a range of flavorful Premium Electronic Cigarettes at a wide range of locations. The ingredients used in the E-Juice of these E-Cigarettes are of highest standard and quality control, something the explosive growth and appreciation of NEWHERE’s e-cigarettes can attest to. To find out more about NEWHERE’s products […]