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First E-Cigarette TV Commercial 0

First E-Cigarette TV Commercial The First E-Cigarette TV Commercial is to be shown in the UK, the BBC reported. The British Broadcasting Channel reported earlier today on their website that ‘while e-cigarette tv commercials have been on TV for some time, showing the device itself was banned until a change in advertising rules which came […]

Grape E-Juice 0

Grape E-Juice NEwhere Premium Vapor Products has long offered its popular disposable E-cigarettes and E-Hookahs through its online shop as well as local authorized retailers across the country. These products are manufactured with the highest levels of standard using only the best components. The same holds true regarding the ingredients used for the e-juice found […]

E-Cigarettes in Yuba City 0

E-Cigarettes in Yuba City NEwhere’s Premium Vapor Products including NEwhere E-Cigarettes have made it to the Northern California city of Yuba. NEwhere’s premium electronic cigarettes are available in several different flavors and the closes retailer can be found in the store locator. At NEwhere Premium Vapor Products we believe that the most effective Marketing is when […]

E-Hookahs in Union City 0

E-Hookahs in Union City NEwhere Premium Vapor Products is excited to announce that our Premium Electronic Cigarettes are available in across the Bay Area. If you work nearby or live in the Union City area or any other surrounding cities such as Hayward or Fremont, you won’t have to drive far to get premium E-Hookahs anymore. The NEwhere […]

Hookah Pens in Encino 0

Hookah Pens in Encino NEwhere’s Electronic Cigarettes have been available in Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Encino for quite some time now. Although NEwhere is now very proud to announce that our NEwhere’s premium Hookah Pens are now available in Encino. Whether you prefer chocolate over berries or watermelon over grapes, the E-Hookah line-up as […]

E-Hookahs in San Francisco 0

E-Hookahs in San Francisco NEwhere has fast become on of the most popular brands among vapor enthusiasts, whether it’s nicotine containing vapor devices like NEwhere’s e-cigarettes or zero nicotine vapor devices such as NEwhere’s E-Hookahs. No where is this popularity and wide expansion more evident than in the state of California and areas like Southern […]

Electronic Cigarettes in Salinas 0

Electronic Cigarettes in Salinas You can finally get NEwhere’s Premium Electronic Cigarettes in Salinas by Monterey Bay. E-cigarettes are available in many convenient stores these days but finding a Premium Electronic Cigarette that truly reflects quality in both make and flavor is what’s important. That is exactly why NEwhere’s Electronic Cigarettes have been received so well in California […]

E-Cigarette Sales Figures 0

E-Cigarette Sales Figures A recent article on E-Cigarette Sales Figures from the Independent; an Irish news outlet recently reported that more than 50,000 Irish smokers have made the switch to e-cigarettes. The article goes on to explain: “More than 50,000 smokers in Ireland are estimated to have switched to electronic cigarettes, with usage soaring in […]

E-Cigarettes at Chevron 0

E-Cigarettes at Chevron NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes is proud to that its premium e-cigarettes can be found at Chevron gas stations all around California. NEwhere’s E-Cigarettes at Chevron became a sensation during 2013 with promising sales and interest from consumers. Chevron is a multinational energy company  with its headquarters here in San Ramon, California and with […]

Hookah Pens in Phoenix 0

Hookah Pens in Phoenix NEwhere  has made its way to Arizona with the premium NEwhere Hookah Pens in Phoenix authorized retailers. Hookah Pens or E-Hookahs as they are also known are becoming rapidly popular as they usually contain ZERO nicotine. NEwhere’s lineup of 8 unique flavors all contain ZERO nicotine as well. Making your vapor session a […]