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Flavored E-Hookah

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Flavored E-Hookah Flavored Flavored E-Hookahs from NEwhere have quickly become a favorite among vaping enthusiasts across the country. At NEwhere Premium Vapor Products we make sure that only the highest quality ingredients are used for our e-Juice (e-liquid) and the best components used for the E-Hookah itself. To try one of many flavors offered by […]
E-Cigars in LA

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E-Cigars in LA NEwhere Premium Vapor Products have grown rapidly to become a major player on the vaping arena. No where is this more evident that in Southern California and specifically the Los Angeles area. NEwhere’s E-Cigars are available in LA and surrounding areas ranging from convenient stores such as 7-Eleven to gas stations such […]
Electronic Cigars

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Electronic Cigars The Electronic Cigars from NEwhere are truly ground breaking in their originality, quality and looks. The BOSS E-Cigars as they are called pack a whopping up to 1,000 of incredibly high vapor producing puffs that leave most vapor enthusiasts in awe. These amazing vapor devices not only pack larger flavor cartridges that allow […]
E-Cigarettes in Calexico

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E-Cigarettes in Calexico NEwhere’s Premium e-cigarettes can now be found in the border town of Calexico in South Eastern California. The NEwhere E-cigarettes can be found in local 7-Eleven stores as well as the local Circle K. At NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes we believe that the best type of Marketing is by word of mouth which is exactly why offering superior service […]
Happy Holidays | E-Cigarettes | E-Hookahs | E-Cigars 2013

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Happy Holidays | E-Cigarettes | E-Hookahs | E-Cigars 2013
E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects

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E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects A recent article from highlights a very interesting study conducted in New York and Poland on E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects. Although the study suggest more insight and research is needed, the bottom line of this study is that vapor from e-cigarettes is probably safer to inhale second hand than cigarette […]