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FAA Says No to E-Cigs, Sort-Of 0

FAA Bans e-Cigarettes

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, e-Cigs are among the list of banned products on planes. While many would argue that they are not a form of “smoking” the FAA cites that they “contradict the no smoking ban” and that their propylene glycol emissions are a big no-no on board flights.

How to Fly With an E-Cig: TSA Guidelines 0

If you’re like many American smokers, you’ve probably switched from traditional cigarettes to vaping with an e-cig. You also probably don’t know much about TSA rules regarding e-cigs– which is no wonder because, shockingly, there are none. So if you’re looking to fly with your e-cig and e-liquid, how do you figure out what is […]

Ecigarettes Give Smokers Control 0

Recently, there has been much debate surrounding e-cigarettes and what role they play for smokers. The US News Health article published in April of 2015 suggests that e-cigarettes are not a cessation aide. The point that we would like to make is that e-cigarettes are truly what you want them to be. Vaping, unlike smoking, […]

Top 5 Questions People Ask About E-Cig Atomizers 0

Every day, thousands of smokers and other nicotine consumers turn to vaping and e-cigs, the new way to get a clean fix. Whether used a cessation aid, or simply enjoyed for their wide variety of mouth feel qualities, e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular around the world. In conformity to new legal restrictions on tobacco smoking, […]

The Benefits of Finding E-Cig Products Online 0

E-Cigarettes and vaping have quickly become a popular alternative for smoking traditional cigarettes. People all over the world are using them as both a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and as a method of quitting altogether. E-Cigarettes mimic the actions of using a regular cigarette, they can include nicotine to help make the transition from […]

5 Facts Most People Get Wrong About Vaping 0

You may hear comments that regular tobacco cigarettes, vapes, and e-liquids pose health risks to users. The problem with the general classification of the three products probably arises from the failure to understand that each of them has different contents. A vaping product user is sometimes seen the same way as a person who smokes […]

The Best Disposable e-Cig by NEwhere 0

Join the vapor movement, and step into the future. By now, everyone has heard of electronic cigarettes, but at NE Where – Premium Vapor Products, we’re committed to bringing you something even more innovative. We’ve combined the best aspects of vapor technology with the convenience of traditional smoking methods to create a full line of […]

Learn eLiquids – PG vs. VG 0

Users of electronic cigarettes find themselves having to make choices about what liquid blend to buy. eLiquids are generally quite simple in composition- they have nicotine, they have flavoring, and they have a solvent. The function of the solvent is to hold the nicotine and flavor in a liquid form that can easily be turned […]

Vape Pens Explained 0

Electronic smoking devices have increased in popularity over the last few years. A wide variety of electronic devices are available, and all of the products work in a similar fashion. A vape pen is different from a typical electronic cigarette in different ways, but its concept is similar. All electronic smoking devices seek to give […]

Tips for Swapping Out Regular Cigs for E-Cigs 0

Smoking has been a pastime for centuries. With the cigarette and tobacco industry growing and becoming one of the most successful in America, it certainly doesn’t look like the habit is going anywhere. However, it is changing a bit. With the invention of electronic cigarettes and vape pens, the pastime has become one that is […]