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Look around the room at any party you attend these days and you are likely to see an increasing number of people enjoying e Cigs, e Cigars or an e Hookah Pen. As traditional cigarettes have become illegal to use in most restaurants and bars as well as outdoor dining areas, smokers have turned to e cigs as a smart alternative. […]

Electronic Cigars 0

Electronic Cigars The Electronic Cigars from NEwhere are truly ground breaking in their originality, quality and looks. The BOSS E-Cigars as they are called pack a whopping up to 1,000 of incredibly high vapor producing puffs that leave most vapor enthusiasts in awe. These amazing vapor devices not only pack larger flavor cartridges that allow […]

E-Hookah Pens in Santa Cruz 0

E-Hookah Pens in Santa Cruz Are you an occasional social smoker? A chain smoker? Or maybe a Hookah/Shisha enthusiast? Whichever category you belong to, you can’t go wrong by switching to a vapor producing E-Hookah Pen from NEwhere. The good news are that you can now find NEwhere E-Hookah Pens in Santa Cruz. Better yet, the […]

Electronic Cigarettes in Orinda 0

Electronic Cigarettes in Orinda NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes has made its way to Northern California and the Bay Area specifically. No where is NEwhere’s unprecedented growth more evident than in Northern California and specifically in cities such as Orinda, San Ramon and Concord. NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes are available in Orinda and surrounding areas ranging from convenient stores to gas […]

New E-Cigarette Flavor 0

New E-Cigarette Flavor NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes is proud to announce a Brand New E-Cigarette Flavor. The Grape Gusher is the latest addition to a line-up of successful and popular e-cigarettes in NEWHERE’s expanding arsenal. The Grape Gusher has been carefully formulated through a series of surveys and focus groups to find a unique flavor that […]

Fastest Growing E-Cigarette Brand 0

Fastest Growing E-Cigarette Brand NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes is one of the fastest growing e-cigarette brands in America right now. Since the launch last year, NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes have exploded and currently NEWHERE e-cigarettes are available across hundreds of stores all over the great state of California. Part of the success story is the pride NEWHERE […]

Electronic Cigarette Specials 0

Electronic Cigarette Specials NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes is offering a Special Promotion on Friday January 17th, 2013 between the hours of 3 PM and 7 PM. Buy one Premium Electronic Cigarette from NEWHERE and we will give you a second one free of charge! Visit the 7-Eleven on Wilshire blvd and Barrington Ave or the 7-Eleven […]

The Best Premium E-Cig 0

The Best Premium E-Cig Offering The Best Premium E-Cig is not an easy accomplishment. Becoming the trendsetter in any industry is in fact a daunting task. NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes uses only the latest technology, the best components as well as the highest grade ingredients to achieve its Premium E-Cigs. The “e-liquid” or “juice” as its […]

Best in Test E-Cig 0

Best in Test E-Cig E-Cigs or E-Cigarettes are like any other consumer product, with a wide variety of brands, flavors and options the consumers simply benefit from the stiff competition. Both in regards to quality as well as price. Numerous tests and “surveys” are conducted regularly about which e-cig is the smoothest, best tasting and […]

The Best E-Cig 0

The Best E-Cig Finding the The Best E-Cig is not the easiest task considering todays over-saturated market. When shopping around for any type of consumer product it is very important to factor in not only cost but also quality. This is exactly why e-cigs from NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes have been voted the #1 Best Tasting Cigarette in […]