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Celebrity E-Cigarette Users

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Celebrity E-Cigarette Users The online payment/credit card processing website eMerchantBroker recently unveiled a new infoGraphic highlighting Celebrity E-Cigarette Users. This creative and beautiful info graphic highlights Hollywood stars and celebrities that are current tobacco cigarette smokers and have not yet been able to kick the habit. In an attempt to remind us all of the […]
Can E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

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Can E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer? Can E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer? It’s a valid question that many consumers are asking themselves these days. As e-cigarettes are becoming a increasingly more common sight, more questions are also being raised about this innovation. Tobacco cigarette smokers in particular ask health related questions about e-cigarettes as many are considering it as […]
Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous?

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous? It’s no secret that the Electronic Cigarette is a new innovation and that many questions arise among consumers, such as: “Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous?“. Although many questions still remain to be answered through further studies, initial results often suggest one thing; that Electronic Cigarettes contain far less harmful chemicals than regular […]
Do e-cigs Have Second Hand Smoke?

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Do e-cigs Have Second Hand Smoke? It is no secret that second hand smoke from cigarettes is a harmful and present problem. This single factor is in fact the main driving force behing a massive legislative trend in banning cigarette smoking in public places nationwide. Some cities have even gone as far as banning cigarette […]
Are E-Cigs Safe?

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Are E-Cigs Safe? Many ask the question if electronic cigarettes safe. E-cigs as they are also popularly referred to as have many proven health benefits over traditional tobacco cigarettes with thousands of harmful chemicals. Although, in an open free market one of the best ways to know if a consumer product is accepted and “working” […]
Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes

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Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco cigarettes have been used for centuries if not more. Although throughout time these cigarettes have become less tobacco and more chemicals. While the main reason people smoke tobacco cigarettes is for the nicotine, cigarettes today contain roughly 599 additives. Although all these are approved food additives, they have NOT […]