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Watermelon Vape Pen

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Watermelon Vape Pen If you’re looking for a Watermelon flavored vapor pen you have just struck gold! The NEwhere Watermelon Vape Pen also known by it’s brand name the “BOSS E-Hookah” is ZERO Nicotine Hookah Pen with an incredibly nice punch in vapor production all while lasting incredibly up to 1,000 puffs! This slick vapor product […]
Vanilla Hookah Pen

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Vanilla Hookah Pen NEwhere Premium Vapor Products offers a line-up of great hookah pens including the Vanilla Hookah Pen! The Vanilla Hookah Pen is a sophisticated and unique flavor for those vapor enthusiasts that want a smooth and unforgettable vape experience. With flavorful but yet subtle hints of Vanilla, the Vanilla Electronic Hookah is one of the more popular choices in […]
E-Cigarettes in Sacramento

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E-Cigarettes in Sacramento E-Cigarettes are fairly new innovations and simply doing a google search for where you can get quality e-cigarettes in your area might be easier said than done. NEwhere Premium Vapor Products offer high quality e-cigarettes through a wide chain of distribution channels such as gas stations, smoke shops and convenient stores like […]
Celebrity E-Cigarette Users

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Celebrity E-Cigarette Users The online payment/credit card processing website eMerchantBroker recently unveiled a new infoGraphic highlighting Celebrity E-Cigarette Users. This creative and beautiful info graphic highlights Hollywood stars and celebrities that are current tobacco cigarette smokers and have not yet been able to kick the habit. In an attempt to remind us all of the […]
E-Hookah in the Bay Area

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E-Hookah in the Bay Area Vapor producing devices such as e-hookahs and e-cigarettes were long considered a temporary fad just how energy drinks were never considered to become permanent. Although just like pioneering brands like RedBull and Monster made their mark, the e-hookah and  e-cigarette industry is now considered a force to be reckoned with […]
Premium Electronic Cigar

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Premium Electronic Cigar NEwhere is very proud to announce the unveiling of the NEwhere BOSS Premium Electronic Cigar. The BOSS E-Cigar is a ZERO nicotine vapor producing device unlike any other. It has a premium and authentic look, as it’s wrapped in tobacco leaves and equipped with a soft silicon tip for the ultimate smoking […]