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Grape E-Juice 0

Grape E-Juice NEwhere Premium Vapor Products has long offered its popular disposable E-cigarettes and E-Hookahs through its online shop as well as local authorized retailers across the country. These products are manufactured with the highest levels of standard using only the best components. The same holds true regarding the ingredients used for the e-juice found […]

E-Hookah at Spencer’s 0

E-Hookah at Spencer’s In 2014 NEwhere Premium Vapor Products launched nationwide in the early stages of the second quarter through the “Spencer’s” chain of stores! This launch enabled customers to get their favorite NEwhere E-Cigarettes and E-Hookah at Spencer’s! Spencer Gifts is one of the largest mall-based specialty gift store chains in North America with […]

Honey Dew Melon E-Hookah 0

Honey Dew Melon E-Hookah NEwhere Premium Vapor Products is proud to announce the imminent launch of yet another unique and great tasting e-hookah flavor. The already amazingly popular NEwhere E-Hookah line-up is receiving reinforcement through the sweet summery “Big Melon” E-hookah. This tasty honey dew (honey du) melon flavored vapor product contains ZERO NICOTINE just […]

Electronic Shisha 0

Electronic Shisha NEwhere Premium Vapor Products Electronic Shisha line have become a great hit among vape enthusiasts ever since its launch in 2013. Event hough regulations prohibit Hookah Pens or rather E-Hookahs and E-Cigarettes to be titled smoking cessation products, more tobacco smokers are finding these innovative devices to aid them in their struggle to kick the habit. NEwhere’s Hookah Pens come in […]

E-Hookahs in San Francisco 0

E-Hookahs in San Francisco NEwhere has fast become on of the most popular brands among vapor enthusiasts, whether it’s nicotine containing vapor devices like NEwhere’s e-cigarettes or zero nicotine vapor devices such as NEwhere’s E-Hookahs. No where is this popularity and wide expansion more evident than in the state of California and areas like Southern […]

E-Hookah Pens in Santa Cruz 0

E-Hookah Pens in Santa Cruz Are you an occasional social smoker? A chain smoker? Or maybe a Hookah/Shisha enthusiast? Whichever category you belong to, you can’t go wrong by switching to a vapor producing E-Hookah Pen from NEwhere. The good news are that you can now find NEwhere E-Hookah Pens in Santa Cruz. Better yet, the […]

E-Cigarette Online Store 0

E-Cigarette Online Store Finding the perfect E-Cigarette in a smoke shop or convenient store can a confusing task with all the different options bombarding the consumers mind. That is why so many vapers opt out smoke shops and convenient stores and prefer E-Cigarette Online Stores instead. Whether you prefer the sweet burst of Wild Watermelon, […]

Best E-Cigarette Flavors 0

Best E-Cigarette Flavors Deciding what the Best E-Cigarette Flavors are is a tricky business. Like anything else, choosing favorites is a very subjective thing to do. Comparing one specific flavor from one e-cigarette brand to another is more of a common practice. This is exactly why NEWHERE is offering several different E-Cigarette Flavors such as Grape, Watermelon, […]

Best Electronic Cigarettes 0

Best Electronic Cigarettes The Best Electronic Cigarettes are arguably from NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes considering the continuos exponential growth this brand has experienced. NEWHERE offers quality electronic cigarettes that last over 500 puffs or over 2 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. The secret to NEWHERE’s success is simply the oldest recipe for success when offering a consumer product: […]

Electronic Cigarette Review 0

Electronic Cigarette Review A new Electronic Cigarette Review on NEWHERE E-Cigarettes is now available online. RealVapeReview is a popular youtube account that has thousands of subscribers and countless video reviews of non-rechargeable (disposable) electronic cigarettes as well as rechargeable e-cigarettes. RealVapeReview tested and reviewed several different NEWHERE flavors including Classic Tobacco, Refreshing Menthol as well […]