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Flavored Premium Hookah Pens

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Flavored Premium Hookah Pens NEwhere Premium Vapor Products offers one of the most unique and diverse line-ups of Flavored Premium Hookah Pens. The flavors range from the very popular Vanilla Thrilla and Chocolate Chill through the much appreciated Island Squeeze and Sour Appletini! Whether you are a vanilla, chocolate, Pineapple or green apple enthusiast, you […]
Sour Apple E-Cigarette

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Sour Apple E-Cigarette E-Cigarettes come in a wide variety of flavors these days but to find a Sour Apple E-Cigarette can be trickier than expected. NEwhere now offers unique sour apple flavored vapor device sure to please any e-cigarette or e-hookah enthusiast. The NEwhere Sour Appletini E-Hookah is one of the latest arrivals among NEwhere’s […]
Flavored E-Hookah

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Flavored E-Hookah Keep your eyes open as NEWHERE’s brand new Flavored E-Hookahs are soon to be here. 8 brand new unique flavors that are sure to appeal to any taste. Ranging from Orange Cream and Sour Appletini to the cool refreshing flavor of Chocolate Chill. All of NEWHERE’s Electronic Hookahs contain Zero Nicotine and are […]