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UNFILTERED HEALING: Cannabidiol Oil Offers Healing Without An Ill-Feeling 0

Cannabidiol (more commonly, CBD) has all the potential needed to propel America’s acceptance of medicinal cannabis dramatically forward. One obstacle anchors it farther from mainstream embrace than it deserves to be: misconception. Of the at least 85 active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis, non-psychoactive CBD accounts for a bit less than half of its extract. […]

Vaping and Nicotine – What Every Vape User Should Know 0

E-cigarettes have taken the world by storm over the past few years because of their convenience and because of some purported health benefits compared to normal smoking. However, vaping devices have been getting a bad rap lately from politicians and regulators who still don’t entirely understand vape products itself and how it effects ones health. Researchers […]

Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking? 0

Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking? One of the first questions tobacco smokers ask about electronic cigarettes is: “Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?“. This is a very valid question considering the fairly new innovation that the e-cigarette is. Although because e-cigarettes are NOT regulated by the United States FDA, they can not be classified as smoking […]

Can you smoke E-Cigarettes in Restaurants? 0

Can you smoke Electronic Cigarettes in Restaurants? recently featured an article written by James Oliver Cury on Electronic Cigarettes. The article touches on controversial topics such as: “Can you smoke E-Cigarettes in Restaurants?” or “Are Electronic Cigarettes Green?”. The article specifically sheds light on recent talks by New York City mayor Bloomberg to outright […]

Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes 0

Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes The rapidly expanding Electronic Cigarette industry and market is being increasingly covered by the news media. Ranging from cable news networks and online articles to newspapers and prime time news, it is impossible to avoid hearing about electronic cigarettes these days. One of the underlying reasons for this enormous coverage […]

What Do E-Cigs Contain 0

What Do E-Cigs Contain When a new innovation is introduced to consumers and when that innovation sweeps the industry in just a matter of years, many become concerned and rightfully so. Both consumers as well as regulators ask the question: “What Do E-Cigs Contain?”. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that contain hundreds of additives that produce a […]

Cigarettes vs E-Cigs 0

Cigarettes vs E-Cigs Traditional tobacco cigarettes have hundreds have additives that are in no shape or form naturally occurring in tobacco leafs. Despite what many tobacco giants might claim, these additives are utilized to get a firmer grip of the smoker. The most shocking part of these additives is that once the cigarette burns or rather once the additives […]

Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes 0

Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco cigarettes have been used for centuries if not more. Although throughout time these cigarettes have become less tobacco and more chemicals. While the main reason people smoke tobacco cigarettes is for the nicotine, cigarettes today contain roughly 599 additives. Although all these are approved food additives, they have NOT […]