BAT claims Ecig emissions 92-99% safer than cigarettes


Opinion: A scientific publication by the Tobacco leader BAT claims that the vapor emitted by their products is 92-99% less toxic than tobacco smoke. A myth or a reality?

 The Global Forum on Nicotine, held in Warsaw last June 2016, was the opportunity for stakeholders to meet and discuss on diverse subjects and especially about e-cigarettes. It was also the occasion for recognized scientific figures to present their last results about vaping, and the occasion for Big Tobacco companies to promote the most recent outcomes of their R&D department.

It has fed controversies to see Big Tobacco companies immersed among vaping advocates to defend their harm reduction solutions. A lot of controversies also because in such meetings, what is presented is not screened by the peer-review process that, in an ideal word, should prevent junk science from spreading in scientific journals. Hence, the message that is conveyed by most publication does not receive the agreement of peers and the accuracy of the findings only depends on the honesty of their authors.

Can we trust in anything presented during conferences?

And this is, in fact, the core of the issue: can we trust in what is delivered during public meetings?


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  • Ali Esmaili
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