Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes

Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes

Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco cigarettes have been used for centuries if not more. Although throughout time these cigarettes have become less tobacco and more chemicals. While the main reason people smoke tobacco cigarettes is for the nicotine, cigarettes today contain roughly 599 additives. Although all these are approved food additives, they have NOT been tested by burning. This is important to point out since once these additives burn they create over 4,000 chemical compounds. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that 4,000 chemical compounds can not be good for you to inhale.

The above factors are the main reason why more and more cigarette smokers are making the switch to electronic cigarettes. In fact the trend is not only witnessed because of health benefits but also reinforced by experts in other fields. According to an E-Cig Cabin article, Bonnie Herzog who is a senior analyst and managing director for Wells Fargo Securities LLC, predicted that e-cigarettes users would surpass tobacco users within the decade based on market trends.

All these developments point to the fact that in the fight of “Regular Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes“, tobacco cigarettes are in a loosing battle. To discover premium Electronic Cigarettes explore NE-Where’s lineup.

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