Why E-Cigarettes are The Better Choice


Why E-Cigarettes are The Better Choice

There are many reasons why millions of people have switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The two most important factors for this are health benefits as well as financial benefits.
Although something many consumers don’t know is that e-cigarettes are also the more environmentally friendlier choice.  According to a Canadian newspaper article, the environmental benefits of e-cigarettes are many:

Probably the biggest enviro advantage to electronic cigarettes is the end of butts. In 2002, over 38 billion cigarettes were sold in Canada, according to Health Canada, and that means over 38 billion trashed butts in one year.
Billions of these ended up washing off streets, down drains, into rivers, lakes and streams where the cellulose acetate filters (from wood pulp) end up leaching the 4,000 chemicals pulled into them with each breath. Even in the right conditions, those filters don’t biodegrade back into nature but photodegrade into smaller and smaller bits after a decade or so.

Hence next time you wonder Why E-Cigarettes are The Better Choice remember that there are 3 main aspects: health, financial and environmental!


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