Are E-Cigs Safe?

Are E-Cigs Safe?

Are E-Cigs Safe?

Many ask the question if electronic cigarettes safe. E-cigs as they are also popularly referred to as have many proven health benefits over traditional tobacco cigarettes with thousands of harmful chemicals.

Although, in an open free market one of the best ways to know if a consumer product is accepted and “working” is to look at its market trend. An exclusive UBS-CSP Daily News poll shows that more than three-fourths of convenience sector operators believe e-cigarettes will continue to grow as a category. Facts are that e-cigarettes are penetrating most of the convenience sector, which is arguably the most important channel for e-cig manufacturers, and also that more merchants are featuring multiple brands versus just one.

These not completely unexpected market trends show that the demand for e-cigs is going up and that their popularity is growing. Hence next time you ask the question: Are E-Cigs Safe? Ask the millions of Americans that have already switched from harmful tobacco cigarettes to the healthier choice.

are e-cigs safe

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