Do e-cigs Have Second Hand Smoke?


Do e-cigs Have Second Hand Smoke?

It is no secret that second hand smoke from cigarettes is a harmful and present problem. This single factor is in fact the main driving force behing a massive legislative trend in banning cigarette smoking in public places nationwide. Some cities have even gone as far as banning cigarette smoking on any public street in order to protect its inhabitants from harmful second hand smoke.

When e-cigarettes were introduced years ago many were skeptical towards its real effects since it produced vapor and not smoke. Although as e-cigs popularity is rising so is the number of studies conducted on these trending products. A recent study touched the subject of e-cigarettes and the second hand smoke it produces (or rather the second hand vapor it produces). It was established that the vapor that is exhaled by e-cigarette smokers does not contain any nicotine or any other detectable carcinogenic substances and therefore people around the electronic cigarette smokers are not exposed to any direct harm. The study concluded that other substances present in the exhaled vapor are well below the limits prescribed by FDA.

Research studies like these conclude that if the choice is between smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes or e-cigarettes, the choice should be clear in choosing e-cigarettes as the safer choice. Visit NE-Where’s official website to browse premium e-cigarette products.

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