E-Cigs Growing in Popularity

E-Cigs Growing in Popularity

E-Cigs Growing in Popularity

Electronic Cigarettes also known as E-Cigs or E-Cigarettes are a growing trend that’s here to stay. Sales and demand are going up everywhere from retail stores to online sites. Over 2.5 million Americans are vaping e-cigs (not smoking) today and that number is predicted to grow exponentially. By vaping, nicotine is inhaled as as the e-liquid is heated up in the battery operated e-cig to create a vapor. This trending innovation eliminates the fire that actually combusts tobacco and all the added chemicals which creates a harmful smoke and tar.

According to Tampa Bays News Leader; Channel 10 News the TWO main factors why E-Cigs are Growing in Popularity so fast is the health aspect and the financial factor. Consumers are starting to realize the benefits of e-cigs over traditional tobacco cigarettes as well as realizing that they are actually saving money by switching over.
To Read the full report on “E-Cigs Growing in Popularity” visit 10 News WTSP’s Website!

E-Cigs Growing in Popularity

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