Longest Lasting Electronic Cigarette

Longest Lasting Electronic Cigarette

Longest Lasting Electronic Cigarette

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is not only detrimental to ones health as cigarettes usually contain hundreds of chemicals that produced thousands of additional chemicals when smoked (combusted). Tobacco cigarettes can also leave quite a dent on a smokers wallet. It is widely accepted that a pack of cigarettes costs on an average around $5 while NEWHERE Electronic Cigarettes cost around $7 all while equalling over 2.5 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes.

Taking into consideration those factors one will easily realize that by switching to Electronic Cigarettes hundreds of dollars can be saved per year. For more information on NEWHERE; one of the Longest Lasting Electronic Cigarette brands out there, visit the official website.


Longest lasting electronic cigarette

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  • Ali Esmaili
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