Future of Electronic Cigarettes

Future of Electronic Cigarettes

Future of Electronic Cigarettes

The Future of Electronic Cigarettes is becoming more clear based on the industry development. Forbes recently reported that market share of Electronic Cigarettes are about to “explode”. This prediction is based on the facts that onlu in 2011 the industry generated close to half a billion dollars (4500 million) and that one of the industry giants were bought up by Lorillard (third largest tobacco company).
Forbes reports that the unrivaled growth experienced by the electronic cigarette industry is due to several main factors such as the fact that: “because e-cigarettes are non-burning, they don’t carry the same health risks as regular cigarettes. Though nicotine is still not healthy, there’s no smoke, no ash and no tar.

Read the full article from Forbes on the Future of Electronic Cigarettes!

Future of Electronic Cigarettes

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