E-Cigarettes for Supermarkets

E-Cigarettes for Supermarkets

E-Cigarettes for Supermarkets

NEWHERE offers the perfect kind of E-Cigarettes for Supermarkets. According to a recent article from Supermarket News, a trusted outlet for the convenient store and supermarket industry, E-Cigarettes were originally sold online and through specialty stores and mall kiosks, but are now more readily available in a wide range of supermarkets.
What is driving the growth according to the article could be that consumers perceive e-cigarettes less harmful than classic tobacco cigarettes. This perception is based on the fact that e-cigarettes work by heating nicotine-containing liquid that, when exhaled, emits an odorless vapor that looks like a tobacco cloud but without many of the harmful carcinogens.
This point along with many others are contributing factors are the reasons to why more supermarket chains are choosing to offer e-cigarettes as a new and alternative source of revenue.

E-Cigarettes for Supermarkets

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  • Ali Esmaili
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