Banning Electronic Cigarettes


Banning Electronic Cigarettes

A recent Huffington Post Editorial touches the sensitive topic of Banning Electronic Cigarettes or at least the attempt to regulating Electronic Cigarettes. Author Janice Atkinson presents plausible explanations and gives insight to who the real culprits are in an effort to ban Electronic Cigarettes in the EU (European Union).

I am the most fervent anti-smoker and anything that stops people puffing on the filthy cancer sticks is great by me. I have never touched a cigarette so I am not a reformed holier-than-thou ex-smoker. Yet, I find that the EU is interfering again by trying to regulate e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are designed as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many cigarette smokers have found this product acceptable as it delivers the same amount of nicotine as a cigarette without containing tobacco, smoke, tar or the 4,000 toxins found in tobacco smoke.”

To read the full Huffington Editorial on Banning Electronic Cigarettes visit the official website.

Banning Electronic Cigarettes

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