E-Cigarette Tax Bill

E-Cigarette Tax Bill

E-Cigarette Tax Bill

A recent E-Cigarette Tax Bill was struck down in the House in Utah on Monday March 11th. The bill would have required that e-cigarettes, candy-like dissolvable tobacco and other nicotine products be defined and taxed as tobacco. This is a great victory for the E-Cigarette industry as taxing E-Cigarettes or rather Electronic Cigarettes under the same premise as regular tobacco products is completely wrong and irresponsible.

Although the bill would also prohibit people under age 19 from entering tobacco shops, and require e-cigarettes and candy-like nicotine products to be sold in locked cabinets and behind the counter. Which is something E-Cigarette manufacturers support and propone; the responsible sale of nicotine products to customers of legal age.

To read the full article on the E-Cigarette Tax Bill visit‘s official website.

E-Cigarette Tax Bill

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