E-cigarettes to quit Tobacco

E-cigarettes to quit Tobacco

E-cigarettes to quit Tobacco

Is it effective to use E-cigarettes to quit Tobacco? A recent FOX News article states that a team of researchers from the UK surveyed over 1,400 e-cigarette users on the Internet, 76 percent of all participants stated that they started using their e-cigarettes to replace tobacco cigarettes entirely. A much smaller percentage said their goal was to quit smoking tobacco or to improve their health.
It’s notable to mention that the long-term health effects of electronic cigarettes are still unknown, but this new survey finds people who use the devices think of them as a safer alternative to tobacco and a means to break the smoking habit.
In response to the study Boston University’s Dr. Michael Siegel was quoted as saying: “This study really indicates people are using them specifically to try to quit smoking or try to get off cigarettes. This dual-use idea is simply not a tenable idea anymore”.
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E-cigarettes to quit Tobacco

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