E-Cigarette Market Size


E-Cigarette Market Size recently published an article on the US E-Cigarette Market Size and how this year it will double to surpass $1 billion in sales. Even more promising is the projection for next year where despite impending regulations, analyst suggest it’ll grow even faster. RPT-Fitch, a ratings company is claiming that consumption is expected to grow 40%-50% in the next year, while Citigroup C -0.67% predicts e-cigarettes will have a $3 billion market segment by 2015.

Below is an extract from the “E-Cigarette Market Size” article:

By now, you’ve probably seen someone puffing on an e-cigarette – a plastic tube which lights up as it turns a liquid into water vapour to simulate smoke, providing the nicotine and sensation of smoking. With revenue from e-cigarettes expected to double this year to over $1 billion and up to $1.7 billion by some estimates, the makers of these plastic addiction sticks are gradually burning away at the $80 billion sales of tobacco…

To read the full “E-Cigarette Market Size” article from Forbes!

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