Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

The rapidly expanding Electronic Cigarette industry and market is being increasingly covered by the news media. Ranging from cable news networks and online articles to newspapers and prime time news, it is impossible to avoid hearing about electronic cigarettes these days.

One of the underlying reasons for this enormous coverage is the exponential growth and the increasing abundance and sales of e-cigarettes throughout retail outlets and online stores. Like anything innovative and fairly unknown to the masses, electronic cigarettes is widely popular but also met with a lot of skepticism by many, including the media. Questions regarding the safety and side effects of electronic cigarettes are many, and rightfully so. Although reality is that neither the news media nor many other organizations have all the facts on the effects of electronic cigarettes.

Fact is that most non-rechargeable (disposable) electronic cigarettes consist of 4 main components. A lithium battery, an atomizer, a flavor cartridge and an LED glowing tip. When the vaping enthusiast uses the electronic cigarette, the atomizer powered by the lithium battery heats up the e-juice (e-liquid) which creates the vapor. For every puff the LED tip will glow up indicating that the e-cigarette is in use. The e-juice depending on brand and make contains different levels of nicotine while certain models contain zero nicotine.

This whole process involves ONLY vapor created from the e-juice and no actual smoke which is the case when smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. When smoking tobacco cigarettes actual combustion occurs when the “fire” burns the tobacco to create the smoke. The tobacco and the many additives within give rise to hundreds of harmful toxins such as tar when combusted.

These are all facts that ex-smokers who switched to electronic cigarettes are aware of. While much research is still needed on electronic cigarettes to find out more about the long term effects, reality is that the choice between traditional tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is a very clear one.

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Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

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