Can you smoke E-Cigarettes in Restaurants?

Can you smoke E-Cigarettes in Restaurants?

Can you smoke Electronic Cigarettes in Restaurants? recently featured an article written by James Oliver Cury on Electronic Cigarettes. The article touches on controversial topics such as: “Can you smoke E-Cigarettes in Restaurants?” or “Are Electronic Cigarettes Green?”.
The article specifically sheds light on recent talks by New York City mayor Bloomberg to outright ban Electronic Cigarette from all NYC restaurants. The author argues that e-cigarettes don’t smell, are not nearly as harmful as tobacco cigarettes and that they don’t leave stubs around:

“And from what I can tell, e-cigs don’t smell awful, don’t invade clothes, and don’t leave ash or stubs or even smoke. “

The author argues that facts are facts when it comes to e-cigarettes and that some of the harshest critics claims agains conventional tobacco cigarettes simply don’t stick to electronic cigarettes. Several facts that are raised in this very insightful article are:

E-cigarettes don’t stink
It is that simple, since it is vapor being produced and not smoke, neither your breathe nor your clothes will smell, stink or make surrounding people uncomfortable.

E-cigarettes are green in theory
There are no butts, literally. Unlike conventional tobacco cigarettes that produce a cigarette butt (filter) for every cigarette, e-cigarettes don’t have this problem. The only concern for e-cigarette users or “vapers” is to recycle the battery once it’s obsolete.

E-Cigarettes have nicotine but none of the other harmful tobacco cigarette ingredients
Depending on brand and make, e-cigarettes contain different levels of nicotine or no nicotine at all. Unlike conventional tobacco cigarettes that contain hundreds of additives that produce thousands of harmful compounds upon smoking (combustion), e-cigarettes do not contain these additives.

This informed author makes factual claims and knows fact from fiction. When dealing with new laws and regulations, it is important for the public as well as politicians to be fully and rightfully informed, and not influenced by claims made from groups and individuals with questionable motives and interests. Click here to read the full “Can you smoke E-Cigarettes in Restaurants?” article on!


Can you smoke E-Cigarettes in Restaurants?

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