Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

One of the first questions tobacco smokers ask about electronic cigarettes is: “Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?“. This is a very valid question considering the fairly new innovation that the e-cigarette is. Although because e-cigarettes are NOT regulated by the United States FDA, they can not be classified as smoking cessation products. This in turn means that all e-cigarette manufacturers label their products as not being smoking cessation products.
In reality tho this disclaimer is simply pointing to the fact that it has not yet been tested as such, not that it in fact isn’t a potent aid in kicking the habit. A recent LA Times article touched on this very sensitive topic stating that:

Many cigarette smokers who have switched from smoking to “vaping” swear they could never have beaten their tobacco habit without the e-cigarette, which provides both the nicotine and some of the experience of smoking.

The article does admit to the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance but it also confirms that one of the main concerns with smoking tobacco cigarettes is tar and many other harmful chemical additives.
The article is all in all an extensive coverage on the current and very complicated e-cigarette industry. Read the full LA TIMES article on e-cigarettes and it might help you answer the question: “Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

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