Are E-Cigarettes FDA Approved


Are E-Cigarettes FDA Approved

The question arises time after time when people are exposed to the benefits of this novel product: Are E-Cigarettes FDA Approved? It’s a very valid question with the simple answer of “No”, not at the time being. Although the reasons as why it is not FDA approved are not as black and white.
A recent Forbes article written by Dr Gilbert Ross, (M.D.), the executive and medical director of The American Council on Science and Health ( in New York sheds more light on the peculiar relationship between the FDA and the E-Cigarette industry.

Dr Ross explains that despite tobacco cigarettes having taken millions upon millions of lives prematurely in addition to causing a massive dent on the nations economy in health related costs, anti-tobacco advocates as well as the FDA seem to be in an extremely strong opposition to e-cigarettes and its emergence.
Dr Ross continues by laying forth the fact that only 1 in 10 cigarette smokers can successfully and permanently kick the habit. In fact out of the narrow range of FDA approved smoking cessation products available, non have a major impact on the success rate of smokers kicking the habit. Despite this the CDC and the FDA continue to tell smokers to stick with “approved” products, in addition to warning the public against e-cigarettes — all this based on hypothetical fears, all while ignoring the body count that tobacco cigarettes are racking up.
This leads us to the final point of the article where Dr Ross explains that a 2011 Federal court ruled e-cigarettes to be classified as tobacco products, due to the nicotine they deliver. Because of this, if lawmakers and regulators decide to ignore the realities as well as the science behind these products and put e-cigarettes into the same category as tobacco cigarettes, the unavoidable consequence will be that millions of ex-smokers will return to tobacco cigarettes.

Visit Forbes to read this insightful article and to answer the question: Are E-Cigarettes FDA Approved.

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