What is an E-Hookah?

What is an E-Hookah?

What is an E-Hookah?

If you have started asking yourself “What is an E-Hookah” due to the emergence of these devices, make sure to read further. In the past few years most consumers have more than likely started noticing electronic cigarettes, or rather e-cigarettes in more and more retail locations. This innovative new product has swept the nation in a tide that has left many market analysts in awe.
A much newer emergence is the E-Hookah (aka Electronic Hookah or E-Hookah Pen).
An E-Hookah has the same basic anatomy as an E-Cigarette. Once the user takes a puff the lithium battery powers the atomizer unit that in turn will vaporize (not combust) the e-juice, hence producing the vapor.
NEWHERE is one of the companies now ready to launch its own line-up of E-Hookahs featuring 8 different unique flavors all with ZERO nicotine. Just like the already established E-Cigarette line-up from NEWHERE, these E-Hookah’s are manufactured only with the high quality components and the E-Juice containing only the best quality ingredients.
Just like E-Cigarettes, these E-Hookahs are not smoking cessation devises as of October of 2013 and despite the ZERO nicotine content they are only intended for adults 18+ years old.

Stay tuned for more updates on NEWHERE’s upcoming launch of it’s unique E-Hookahs. And if you still find yourself asking “What is an E-Hookah?” follow our blog as more information will be posted.

What is an E-Hookah?

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