Pineapple E-Cigarette

Pineapple E-Cigarette

Pineapple E-Cigarette

NEwhere Premium E-Cigarettes now offer a Pineapple flavored Premium Vapor device. If you have been looking for a Pineapple E-Cigarette then make sure to try the new Pineapple E-Hookah from NEwhere. The E-Hookah line-up from NEwhere is very similar to the E-Cigarette line with the exception of all the e-hookahs contains ZERO Nicotine. The NEwhere Island Squeeze E-Hookah is a premium vapor device with an island breeze of pineapple flavors and subtle tones of juicy orange.

Additionally unlike many other e-cigarettes and hookah pens this premium e-hookah contains ZERO nicotine as mentioned previously making this device a sensible choice. Visit and the shopping section to order this pineapple flavored electronic hookah pen and many other unique flavors available.

Pineapple E-Cigarette

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  • Ali Esmaili
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