E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects

E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects

E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects

A recent article from highlights a very interesting study conducted in New York and Poland on E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects. Although the study suggest more insight and research is needed, the bottom line of this study is that vapor from e-cigarettes is probably safer to inhale second hand than cigarette smoke.

The study further found that e-cigarette vapor commonly contains nicotine but not the particle pollutants and other toxic compounds found in tobacco smoke, which are byproducts of combustion. Moreover the study concluded that the level of nicotine found in the vapor averaged only about 1/10 of that found in tobacco smoke. The authors concluded that using e-cigarettes in indoors would not expose nonusers to “toxic tobacco-specific combustion products” but would expose them to small amounts of nicotine.

Visit to read the full article on E-Cigarette Second Hand Effects!

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