Premium Electronic Cigar

Premium Electronic Cigar

Premium Electronic Cigar

NEwhere is very proud to announce the unveiling of the NEwhere BOSS Premium Electronic Cigar. The BOSS E-Cigar is a ZERO nicotine vapor producing device unlike any other. It has a premium and authentic look, as it’s wrapped in tobacco leaves and equipped with a soft silicon tip for the ultimate smoking experience. Initially it is offered in NEwhere’s very popular Watermelon flavor and Orange Pineapple flavor.

The BOSS E-Cigar has a longer lasting lithium ion battery and a larger e-juice (e-liquid) capsule for a much longer lasting zero nicotine vaping experience and a much better vapor production.

Whether you are an occasional smoker, the social smoker or a chain smoker of regular tobacco smoker who is trying to kick the habit; you should give NEwhere’s Premium Electronic Cigars a try.


Premium Electronic Cigar


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  • Ali Esmaili
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