Celebrity E-Cigarette Users

Celebrity E-Cigarette Users

Celebrity E-Cigarette Users

The online payment/credit card processing website eMerchantBroker recently unveiled a new infoGraphic highlighting Celebrity E-Cigarette Users. This creative and beautiful info graphic highlights Hollywood stars and celebrities that are current tobacco cigarette smokers and have not yet been able to kick the habit.

In an attempt to remind us all of the detrimental effects of tobacco use the graphics then gives us a grim reminder of celebrities who lost their battle to illnesses due to tobacco smoking. To offset this unfortunate but grim reality it then highlights the celebrities that successfully kicked the habit and are now living healthier lives.

Last but not least the info graphic sheds light on all current Celebrity E-Cigarette Users that are well on their way to completely tobacco free lives. These celebrity e-cigarette users include but are at no means limited to Charlie Sheen, Catherine Heigl, Jenny McCarthy and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Take a look for yourself at the info graphic below and discover what Celebrity E-Cigarette Users are on their way to success! To learn more about these great devices visit and discover a world of unique e-cigarette flavors!


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