E-Hookahs in LA

E-Hookahs in LA

E-Hookahs in LA

NEwhere is manufacturer of premium e-hookahs and e-cigarettes and in the last year we  have grown rapidly to fast become a major player on the electronic hookah and electronic cigarette industry. No where is this growth more evident that in Southern California and specifically the greater Los Angeles area.
NEwhere’s premium vapor products are available in LA and surrounding areas ranging from convenient stores such as 7-Eleven and AM-PM as well as gas stations such as Chevron and Shell.
The NEwhere E-Hookah line-up includes 8 unique mouthwatering flavors such as pineapple, mint chocolate and strawberry banana. Apart from amazing quality and an unmatched vapor production, all NEwhere E-Hookahs contain ZERO nicotine.

To locate NEwhere authorized retailers for E-Hookahs in LA or anywhere else visit!


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  • Ali Esmaili
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