How E-Hookahs Work

How E-Hookahs Work

How E-Hookahs Work

How E-Hookahs Work is very similar if not identical to how most vaping products such as E-Cigarettes work. The fundamental parts or the anatomy are:

– Flavor Cartridge (contains the e-juice)
– Lithium Ion Battery
– Atomizer
– Glowing Tip (often LED)
– The Hull

The hull as suspected contains all the vital parts. However the mechanics and inner workings of the e-hookah is very simple in fact. When the user inhales from the end tip, the lithium ion battery powers the LED glowing tip and also activates the atomizer which starts to heat up the liquid e-juice. Depending on manufacturer, the e-juice can contain different levels of nicotine. At NEwhere Premium Vapor Products our entire E-Hookah line-up contains ZERO Nicotine!

As the atomizer heats up the e-juice the actual vapor that we often associate with vaping is produced. No smoke is produced as there is no combustion taking place which is the case when smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. It is the process of combustion that often gives rise to many harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

Most e-hookahs and e-cigarettes regardless of brand and origin work on the same fundamental principles.

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